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Can also be used for any Stress and Panic Attacks. We want to be lighter in essence. We also want to feel better. And most of all, we want to relieve anxiety and stress!
In Anxiety Relief Workbook Journal, we will be giving a procedure to follow and use when anxiety appears.  It would be in one’s best interest to follow and use the techniques in the workbook which will help you on your journey to handle anxiety episodes confidently, so that maybe the attacks get less and less. Each procedure to follow is 4-5 pages.

Over time one will be able to achieve all of these goals with the newest release from Vivatiks Services called Anxiety Relief Workbook Journal. Based on the teachings and doing the procedure, this workbook journal will help relieve anxiety and its effects on self and dealing with attacks head on and honestly.
This book is built around a clear, concept: to feel better, take control to feel more control.

In this workbook, you will track  your responses to attacks, and soon, instead of retreating, one will be able to stand up to them, starting with recognizing and facing the triggers.

Be brave, Take action by answering the questions provided to practicing the techniques whenever you feel the need. Even the choices you make can have an impact on your responses to attacks, instead of retreating, one will be able to stand up to them. This is because they are taking responsibility for oneself.
This is workbook gives you tools to use when a need arises. 

Also Bonus** a monthly tracker is included. Take the workbook with you on your phone and or tablet/ipad so you have access to it anytime.

Used best with a Stylus pen but of course can use your finger lol.

I am an anxiety survivor. I am 51 years old now. I have had anxiety mostly my whole life, then about ten years ago, it got worse and worse and worse… At one point they were lasting two weeks at a time! Then a month! I truly wanted to leave this life many times when they hit me. My children are why I fought to stay; it hasn’t been easy, especially for them. It has only been in the past few years that they have receded and it took many, many years and counselors and techniques thinking this is the answer, but I have now brought the best so far that has worked for me together in a sequence  in this workbook for others to try and use on their journey. I wish you all the best.

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